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Please Note: My calls are for those who want to work with me and need to know the options for how I can support them. During this call, we will have a VERY transparent 30 minute discussion about where you are with your health and supplementation: 1) 💦:Are you drinking half your body weight in water which will help with any Die-off symptoms? 2) Digestion:💩Are you eliminating 2-3 times a day? 3) 😴:Are you experiencing deeper and more restful sleep?” 4)Energy:💥-have you seen an increase? 5)🤢:Are you experiencing any die off symptoms? 6)Immunity: Are you experiencing colds and sickness? 7)Weight: Are you losing inches vs. pounds? How do your clothes fit? 8)🤬:Are you feeling less anxious and stressed? 9)🌿:how much of the product are you taking? have you skipped any days? and where you desire to be in the next 3-6 months. I then let you know if I have an offer that will support you. On the call, you will then decide if you are moving forward and will let me know with a "yes" or "no". BEFORE the call, please ensure that you have: "prayed about it", "thought about it", and "spoken to your spouse"-if applicable. If your answer is "yes", the payment is collected ON THE CALL, and we move with the next steps. If your answer is "no", all is hard feelings. I will probably ask you why you didn't move forward for my own market research purposes (I'm always looking to see how I can grow as a coach). My services range in investment from FREE (for my Initial Consultation) to $2000 for my Corporate Coaching. If you would still like to proceed, please click below:

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Camden, SC, USA