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Why Forgiveness helps YOU heal..

Updated: Feb 6

Have you ever downed an entire package of chips, crackers, or cookies? Ate pizza or cake until you felt sick? Drank more coffee or wine than your body wanted?

Do you remember how you were feeling at the time?

I ask because sometimes we overeat to help distract us from emotional pain. Think about it—have you noticed that sometimes when you overeat you’re not hungry at all? What you are is lonely. Or angry. Or sad. Or resentful. Or frustrated. Or something else.

So what hurt are YOU holding on to?

Tap Into the Power of Forgiveness

Wouldn’t it be more effective to address your uncomfortable feelings? The best, most thorough, most divinely perfect way to do that is forgiveness.

Forgiving is not easy, even for the most enlightened among us. If you’ve been allowing your present health to be controlled by past hurts, I urge you to commit to forgiving.

Lewis B. Smedes argued in Forgive and Forget, " When you release the wrongdoer from the wrong, you cut a malignant TUMOR out of your inner life. You set a prisoner free, but you discover that the real prisoner was yourself"

These steps can help:

📍Talk to sympathetic friends and family about your desire to forgive. Chatting with others is tremendously comforting.

📍   Write a letter to the person you’d like to forgive. You can decide whether or not you send it.

📍   See the situation from the other person’s perspective—your own perspective may change.

📍   Don’t forget to forgive yourself. Sometimes we can be harshest with ourselves.

📍     Understand that you are responsible for your own attitude. Don’t let holding a grudge keep you from feeling free, open, and powerful in your own life.

ACTION STEP: To forgive as we have been forgiven by G-d is an act of faith, since it means that we are releasing the right to resentment and that we entrust justice to G-d rather than seek it ourselves (Romans 12:19).

To forgive is to act on the truth that it is only G-d and not we who can change another person.

True forgiveness is costly, especially when there is no repentance on the part of the Forgive them, even if they aren’t sorry!

Get Even Healthier

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