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It's National Tea Day❗

I am an absolute tea sob so today is right up my aisle. Grab your cuppa, and let's celebrate National Tea Day!

The History of Tea

Five thousand years ago, China's legendary Emperor Shen Nung discovered tea. 

People outside the Far East enjoyed tea for the first time less than 500 years ago. 

Tea has played an important role in world history ever since. 

Today the world drinks more tea than any other beverage except water. 😲

Tea both calms and stimulates, warms and cools and above all tastes delicious.

FUN FACT: There are rules to this tea thing, you can't just pour and dunk your scone #theshadeofitall🤣🤣

According to, Here are 5 Tea etiquette tidbits:

  1. Pouring the tea: The host should pour everyone’s tea and the teapot should remain on the table with the spout facing the person who poured.

  2. To dunk or not to dunk: Unless situated in an informal setting, it is inappropriate to dunk a biscuit into tea.

  3. Food presentation: A tiered cake stand should be used when food is served with tea. The top tier is usually filled with scones, the middle for sandwiches and the bottom comprises sweets, pastries, and desserts. Don’t forget the order of eating, which is sandwiches, scones, and finally, sweets.

  4. Mind the napkin: Napkins are placed to the left of the plate with the folded edge on the left and open edge closest to the plate. Place a napkin back to the left of the plate — never on the chair — when momentarily leaving the table.

  5. How to stir tea: Starting from the 12 o’clock position in the cup, slowly fold the tea with a spoon from 12 to 6, back and forth about 2 to 3 times. The spoon should be resting on the saucer to the right of the cup when it is not being used.

In honor of today, here are a few ways you can pay homage:

📍Attend a “Fes-Tea-Val”

📍Learn tea etiquette

📍Host or Join an afternoon tea 

Quick Stir Tea Pitcher #2277

Insulated Pitcher #101117

Don't have these items on hand, don't panic. Pick them up here⬇️

ACTION STEP: Celebrate the day by brewing up a traditional pot of tea

The steps are as follows:

  • Warm the pot to remove any chill.

  • Add one teaspoon full of tea per person plus one for the pot.

  • Add water that has just come to a boil

  • Let the tea steep for a good five minutes... 

 Invite a few friends and family over, pull out some fresh lemon poppy scones and Devonshire cream and enjoy! Then let me know in the comments how it turned out, or Kick your kitchen up a notch by booking your cooking show here:

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