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How does the word BIRTHDAY make you feel?

Updated: Feb 6

How does the word “birthday” make you feel? Do you perk up with excitement and buzz with good thoughts of another great year ahead? Or do you cringe at the fact that you’re another year older? Age can be a sensitive topic to some, but with age comes knowledge, responsibility, and many spiritual benefits.

Aging gracefully will ensure you have many more birthdays to celebrate and here's how:

Hydrate The importance of staying hydrated and giving your body adequate amounts of water per day is endless. Many people don’t know that proper hydration can do wonders for your skin. With skin being our largest organ, healthful skin can mean looking more youthful. Some skin symptoms that stem from poor hydration include dry skin, tight skin, and flakes. Dry skin over an extended period of time leads to more wrinkles as it is less resilient. In addition to drinking more water, find a hydrating moisturizer that works for you and consider applying a B5 vitamin gel to the skin.

Confidence How do you see yourself when you look in the mirror? Do you like yourself on the outside and everything inside? High self-esteem boosts confidence which is contagious to everyone around you! Life is precious and it’s incredibly important to be confident in everything that you do. The right mindset and core values will guide you through life and assist you with decision making. The happier you are, the happier others will be as well.

Visualization Should a 70-something have goals and aspirations the same way a 20-something does? Absolutely! As we grow older, we have the privilege of knowing more and have the greater privilege of achieving the previous things we had set out to do. Always reach and aim for more. The key to aging gracefully is to continue seeking out the best within yourself and never feeling fully satisfied.

With good health and the right mindset at your side, you’ll age gracefully and be someone your family, kids, grandkids, colleagues, and friends look up to!

Get Even Healthier

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