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Do you like watching documentaries?

Updated: Feb 6

Heading out to the theatre or parking it on the couch to enjoy a film can be a relaxing and enjoyable experience! What will you watch tonight? An action film? A romantic comedy? While these can be very entertaining, documentaries can hold the same amount of entertainment while providing a wealth of information on the topic at hand. Below are some eye-opening documentaries that are worth watching.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead is a documentary that focuses on two men who have been plagued by obesity, lifestyle-related illnesses, and steroids. It follows them as they go on a strict healing path and work to get healthy again. Follow them along their journey and watch their lives transform as you learn more healthy eating strategies and see success firsthand!


Doctored exposes the truth about the pharmaceutical industry and the push that the general public receives in regards to medication. Do we as a society really need a pill for everything? Are these pills helping us get better… or just making us sicker? Doctored goes over all of these concepts and provides a solution.

Steve Jobs: One Last Thing

This documentary isn’t particularly health-oriented but rather focuses on Steve Jobs, a technology pioneer. This is a great documentary to watch as it shows the spirit and fire within a person who is motivated to change. Steve Jobs is an inspiration to anyone looking to make a change within themselves. With hard work, preservation and a good spirit, you can achieve anything you put your mind to.

More Than Honey

Think honeybees are just a resource for honey? If so, you are sorely mistaken! Honeybees play an intricate role within our ecosystem and the population of honeybees has been on a steady (and scary) decline. Peek into the world of honeybees and see why they are more than just honey. This documentary is a refreshing take on the importance of taking care of Mother Earth and puts our views on the planet back into perspective. We must be kind to Mother Nature!

Check out one of the above documentaries for an interesting watch that will have your creative juices flowing and yearning for change. These are just some of the best documentaries out there and many producers deserve recognition for their works.

We’d love to hear what documentary you’ve watched recently that struck a chord with you! Also – be fairly warned that documentaries can be extremely addictive. You can’t watch just one!

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