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Updated: Apr 30, 2023

💦 1 of the 7 Pillars of Health;

Did you know that 💦 is one of the 7 Pillars of Health?

In light of recent temperature highs, Today's Top 10 Tips revolve around this great friend of ours and here are 10 ways to drink more 💦:

1. Use a Straw

2. Buy a Pretty Water Bottle

3. Set an Alarm Every Hour

4. Spice it Up with Fruit

5. Drink 1 Cup before every meal

6. Every-time You go to the Bathroom. Drink 1 Cup

7. Drink 2 Cups right before bed

8. Compete with a friend

9. Buy a 640z bottle and finish it everyday

10. For every non-water beverage. Drink 2 Cups

Drinking 💦 will help you get glowing skin and more energy. So Just do it💪🏽

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