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About Kryshonda

Kryshonda speaking shot
How I Began and Where I’m Headed....

7 years ago, I didn't know anything about health, gut health, hormone health or leaving a health legacy.


My life fundamentally changed-my mother’s exit from this life due to Ovarian Cancer was my entrance into Health and Wellness.


I am passionate about helping African American women over 40 get rid of sugar cravings, restore their gut health, and balance their hormones. As Liezel Graham said “every woman who heals herself, heals her children’s children.”

Client Testimonials 

Citrus Fruits

I have worked with Kryshonda Torres as my coach on several major goals. With her help, I am now waking up early (4 am MOST days) and reaching my health and business goals.


I participated in her I Quit Sugar Challenge...I had some reservations about passing up on foods I really enjoy. The program was great and I am glad I participated because I learned some excellent information about foods and why I make certain choices and how to make choices that benefit me more.


As a health coach, Kryshonda Torres has helped me look at my health & wellness in the context of my family & business. Now I can see priorities and goals more clearly and it is easier to set a course to reach my goals. If you want a coach who will help you make changes, you have come to the right place.




Lisa Hugh, Registered Dietician

Green Peas
I want to Thank Kryshonda Torres for pouring so much value into me and providing me with a tremendous amount of resources such as the “ sugar aliases” and others to put me on the path to healthy living as a Coach. My time is valuable to me, it is imperative that I be in top shape and health to help serve my clientele population.  Kryshonda has been giving me value and providing me with golden nuggets of information and resources that many pay $1,000 ‘s and sometimes hundreds of dollar for. This just goes to tell me and many of you out there that she is adamantly passionate about my health and well-being.  Thanks a million Kryshonda and may those who participate in this challenge (I Quit Sugar) you have provided FREELY not take it for granted and be unappreciative of the tremendous amount of value you are bringing to us. Otherwise, I would recommend that you start charging 😁 for this great investment in peoples lives! 👏🙌🏿😁😍#IQS#Grateful#Participant
Carol Ganawah, Married For Life Coach
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