About Kryshonda

My Story
I help African American women over 40 get rid of sugar cravings.

My mother’s exit from this life in 2016, was my entrance to Health and Wellness. 


I want to be the medicine that helps YOU heal YOURSELF.



Dietary Theory


Gut Health 

Holistic Nutrition

Group|Corporate Coaching 

Women's Health


Client Testimonial:

I have worked with Kryshonda Torres as my coach on several major goals. With her help I am now waking up early (4 am MOST days) and reaching my health and business goals.


I participated in her I Quit Sugar Challenge...I had some reservations about passing up on foods I really enjoy. The program was great and I am glad I participated because I learned some excellent information about foods and why I make certain choices and how to make choices that benefit me more.


As a health coach, Kryshonda Torres has helped me look at my health & wellness in the context of my family & business. Now I can see priorities and goals more clearly and it is easier to set a course to reach my goals. If you want a coach who will help you make changes, you have come to the right place.

~Lisa Hugh, Registered Dietitian